Priscilla Radice

Infrastructure Association of Queensland

Priscilla Radice is the CEO of the Infrastructure Association of Queensland (IAQ) an independent, non-partisan body influencing better outcomes in infrastructure with timely engagement across policy issues and the Managing Director of the company Contribute Consulting Pty Ltd. Providing strategy and project advisory expertise to a variety of C-Suites across diverse industries. Priscilla is a well-regarded project director and assurance reviewer and was appointed the Independent Chair of the Queensland Department of Health Investment Assurance Committee (IAC) in 2020, overseeing health capex projects. Priscilla has worked in the infrastructure, transport and maritime sectors for more than 20 years in both the public and private sectors. As a Sociologist Priscilla always places people at the centre of her thinking and is passionate about infrastructure’s role to support thriving connected communities and sustainable economies.