Wayne Herbert

Wayne Herbert has spent his personal and professional life shedding the weight of low expectation, confronting discrimination, bias, and the many misconceptions that surround people with disability every day all with a wit, grit and sense of humour like no other. Wayne is the change agent that many organisations need, kind of like a knight in shining armour.

His professional skills are focused on providing high level, sensitive and confidential services to meet organisational targets. Wayne has a keen interest and commitment to social justice and employment equity. He also has a keen interest in government policies that will improve the work environment for people with disability, as well as educating and supporting governments and business to build and enhance their diversity and disability confidence.

As a leader in the community sector, Wayne is highly committed to raising the profile of people with disability and members of the LGBTIQ community. His work has focused on supporting and understanding the needs of business to ensure continued reform in social and employment policy to further opportunities of marginalised communities.