A practical approach to safety risk management

March 30, 2023

Start: 11:00 am

End: 12:00 pm

Risk management is an essential part of every safety management system. Do it well, and you’ll have safety controls that are just right for your business.

This workshop will introduce the key components of safety management systems, including safety risk management. You’ll get practical insights into—

  • how to assess the likelihood and consequences of the common hazards faced by trucking businesses
  • how to use a risk assessment matrix to understand the level of risk associated with each hazard
  • how to decide on risk controls
  • the residual level of risk that is acceptable under the HVNL
  • how and when to re-assess risks.

Sean’s presentation and links to guidance material will be available in the event app before the workshop.

This workshop is sponsored by the ATA’s TruckSafe program but is applicable to any safety management system – including the planned changes to NHVAS.