Improving Fatigue and Port Safety

May 5, 2022

Start: 3:45 pm

End: 4:45 pm

Managing fatigue is one of the key safety issues for Australia’s trucking industry. In this key safety session at Trucking Australia 2022, come and hear direct from the safety experts behind two vital industry led projects

  • Eyes on Fatigue – Emerging Technologies – Eyes on Fatigue Monitoring Project.
  • Driving better health and safety of heavy vehicles around ports.

The Eyes on Fatigue Monitoring Project conducted a preliminary study to provide insight into and determine the effectiveness of in cabin driver monitoring technology to reduce driver distraction, inattention, and fatigue in real world heavy vehicle transport operations.

You will also hear the findings of the Heavy Vehicle Safety around Ports project. This includes the outcomes of the fatigue predictor technology pilot and the health initiatives to inform road transport operators driving in areas of high volume heavy vehicle movement about the risks associated with fatigue, driver distraction and to help foster a safer environment for all road users.

These projects are facilitated by the Queensland Trucking Association.