Fighting back against hackers

March 31, 2023

Start: 9:30 am

End: 10:15 am

Optus. Medibank. They’re just two of the many Australian companies that have been hacked.

In total, there were 162 cybersecurity attacks reported in Australia in the first six months of 2022 – including 51 attempts to extract a ransom.

Cybersecurity must be a priority for every business, regardless of size. You need to be worried. The challenge for businesses is to differentiate attacks by individuals, organised crime and state-sponsored groups.

In this session, you’ll find out how cyber attacks can devastate entire industries and how sensitive information is bought and sold on the dark web. You’ll find out how governments and businesses are taking action.

And in our follow up workshop, you’ll get the information you need to harden your own business against hackers.