Create the industry’s workforce strategy

March 30, 2022

Start: 11:00 am

End: 12:00 pm

The trucking industry faces a critical shortage of skilled workers.

Around Australia, the ATA and its member associations are undertaking great work to address the shortage. Each of these programs are a piece of the solution jigsaw puzzle.

What we need to do now is to understand the whole puzzle. We need a national workforce strategy.

We are creating the strategy under the leadership of Western Roads Federation CEO Cam Dumesny. In this collaboration session, you’ll work with other delegates to help develop the strategy.

Session participants will split into four groups to discuss—

  • how do we attract more people from different backgrounds to the industry?
  • how can we improve the industry’s image, including by emphasising its rich heritage?
  • how can we train our staff better?
  • how can we retain staff in the industry?

Our team will record your findings for inclusion in the strategy.