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16-18 OCTOBER 2023
Docklands, Melbourne


Operating and servicing the Fuso eCanter

October 18, 2023

Start: 9:00 am

End: 10:00 am

The Fuso eCanter has already covered over 8 million kilometres throughout the world, proving itself to be locally emissions-free, ultra quiet, safe and reliable. In Australia, the first generation eCanter is now operated by fleets including Bunnings, Toohey’s, Coles, Centurion, Australia Post and Team Global Express.

In this ground floor workshop, you’ll take a close look at the Fuso eCanter and find out—

  • what its like to operate and maintain
  • how its maintenance schedules compare to similar diesel trucks
  • what training your service technicians would need
  • charging times, capabilities and requirements.