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21-23 October 2024

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Reducing emissions, not productivity

October 16, 2023

Start: 4:00 pm

End: 5:00 pm

Euro VI trucks are increasingly common in Australia’s fleets. Under ADR 80/04, the emissions standard will be mandatory for new model trucks from November 2024 and all new trucks from November 2025. Trucks will also be able to comply via the equivalent American and Japanese standards.

Euro VI trucks are heavier than trucks meeting earlier standards because of their extra emissions systems. The NHVR and the NTC are looking at changing the mass limit for Euro VI trucks so they do not face a productivity penalty – but they need to hear from you.

In this session, you’ll discuss the key issues involved with the new standard, including—

  • the steer axle mass increase we need, and
  • the need for SCR system owners to use quality AdBlue – and what happens if you don’t.


  • productivity
  • environment