Paul Caus is a mechanical engineer who has extensive experience in both light and heavy vehicles.

Paul began his career with heavy vehicles in fleet management at the RTA and then as a compliance engineer for Hino.

Paul then moved on to Hino’s sister company, Toyota, initially as a product development engineer in their genuine accessory team. Later during his time at Toyota, Paul became involved in process improvement, particularly in reducing product development time to speed up time to market.

After his time at Toyota, Paul returned to heavy vehicles with UD, then back to his regulatory and compliance roots first at RMS as Manager, Vehicle Standards and Investigations and then at the federal level with the Department of Infrastructure in the vehicle standards and safety team developing new ADRs.

Paul then turned to industry advocacy, leveraging his experience in vehicle regulations from within government and private sectors, first with HVIA as Chief Technical Officer and now with TIC as Technical Officer.