Empowering businesses: the synergy between cutting-edge fleet technology and sustainability

April 18, 2024

Start: 10:30 am

End: 11:30 am

The Geotab and Gallagher TA 24 session will explore the synergy between cutting-edge technology and sustainability to enhance resilience in business operations. This session will feature insights from Geotab’s Mark Bucknall and Gallagher’s Sophie Griffin, offering strategies for a sustainable and resilient future through leading innovative solutions.

This session aims to demonstrate how Geotab’s data-driven fleet management solutions can integrate with Gallagher’s expertise in risk and sustainability to offer a holistic approach to business resilience and sustainability. Join us to discover how these innovative solutions can help your business navigate the complexities of today’s world, securing a more sustainable and confident future.

Mark Bucknall, Geotab’s Associate Vice President of Business Development in Asia-Pacific, brings extensive experience in vehicle connectivity and data-driven decision-making. With a solid background in mechanical engineering, Mark has been a driving force in advancing fleet management solutions. Geotab’s globally leading fleet management technology allows businesses to optimize fleet efficiency, control costs, and improve safety, aligning with Mark’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices across the globe.

Sophie Griffin, leading the Climate & Sustainability sector at Gallagher, is an authority on risk consulting with a special focus on climate change and sustainability challenges. Sophie excels in developing resilience strategies against a wide range of risks, including property and liability, business interruptions, climate change, and supply chain issues. Gallagher’s insurance services and sustainability/resiliency solutions are designed to protect businesses today while preparing them for a assured future. Gallagher is dedicated to providing comprehensive advice and strategies, ensuring a resilient future for clients.