The future is now

April 18, 2024

Start: 9:00 am

End: 10:00 am

The trucking industry is changing right now. It’s hard to keep up as it is, but the pace of change will only increase. 

 Smart leaders know it is the time for audacity, adaptability and agility. 

 Enormous opportunities lie ahead for those that can identify the trends of tomorrow and gear up for them today. 

 In this fast-paced and compelling presentation, you’ll discover: 

 The key trends that will shape the trucking industry with a focus on generative AI, data analytics and the spatial computing 

  • The role Gen Z will play in redefining industry norms 
  • The common culture and mindset traps that will set any organisation on a collision course with failure – and how to avoid them 
  • Proven and practical strategies for staying one step ahead of change and remaining relevant. 

 You’ll leave this session and head for morning tea with a clear action plan for navigating disruption and emerging stronger than ever.