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21-23 October 2024

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Get ready for the new construction logistics standard

October 16, 2023

Start: 2:30 pm

End: 3:30 pm

There’s a new construction logistics standard on the way, which will involve certifying principal contractors and construction truck fleets, including concrete agitators, truck and dogs, low loaders, and flattop semitrailers delivering scaffolding and formwork.

State governments are likely to require your fleet to meet the standard, known as CLOCS-A, if you are working on major government projects.

CLOCS-A is adapted from the UK CLOCS standard, which was developed after significant safety problems arose in the run-up to the 2012 London Olympics.

In this session, you’ll get the details of the new standard, if it is likely to affect you and what you will need to do to comply.


  • safety