Transitioning to Zero Emissions

May 5, 2022

Start: 10:45 am

End: 11:45 am

Net zero emissions by 2050. Both sides of politics have committed to it, but what does that look like for trucking? What you won’t hear from politicians in this election campaign is it means we need a plan to get to 100 per cent of truck sales being zero emissions by 2040.

Do you know how the transition away from diesel will impact your business? Do you know if electric or hydrogen will better suit your operations? Do you know how the transition will impact you?

Zero emission trucks – both electric and hydrogen – will be critical to the future of the industry. In this key session, industry leaders from bp, Volvo and Toll Group will discuss what the transition will look like, when zero emission trucks will be available, when will they will likely be cost-competitive, what zero emission trucks can do and the potential application of alternative energy technologies across sectors and over time.