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Demystifying government perceptions of trucks

October 17, 2023

Start: 1:30 pm

End: 2:30 pm

The NHVR is developing Freight PASS (Productivity and Safety/Sustainability), which is intended to help road managers better understand the comparative safety, productivity and sustainability performance of different freight vehicles for a nominated freight task.

Freight PASS is similar in concept, but intended to be complementary, to the ATA’s Truck Impact Chart. Freight PASS:

Uses the same data sources and calculations that road managers already employ for their transport, infrastructure and economic evaluation, enabling consistency in approach and providing them confidence in outputs.

Focuses on information that will encourage road managers to make more favourable access decisions for larger and more productive vehicles that are safer for communities and cleaner for the environment.

In this consultation session, the NHVR will provide an overview of the front- and back-end of the tool, its outputs and potential use cases.

It’s your opportunity to take an early look at and to provide feedback on Freight PASS.


  • productivity