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21-23 October 2024

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Keeping EBS working

October 17, 2023

Start: 1:30 pm

End: 2:30 pm

Electronic braking can reduce loss of control and rollover crashes by more than 25 per cent.

Mandatory automatic emergency braking and the rollout of EBS to all new trucks is predicted to save more than a hundred lives and avoid more than 2,500 serious injuries over 35 years. It could save you – or one of your trucks and drivers.

But you won’t get these safety benefits unless your EBS is working and your drivers know how to use it.

Join our panel and take a look at how to keep this vital safety technology working in your trucks.

The TMC program also includes three ground floor workshop sessions about braking technology—

SAF-Holland and Haldex brake technology workshop
Get EBS connections right
Advanced braking systems – design considerations, benefits and diagnostics.


  • technology
  • safety