The future of truck charging

April 18, 2024

Start: 4:00 pm

End: 5:00 pm

Truck registration charges and the road user charge on fuel will increase six per cent each year until 2025-26.

Australia will need a new model for calculating the level of charges from then, since the existing model – PAYGO – does not work.

Australia will also need a system for imposing road user charges on the growing number of electric cars and trucks in our cities.

At least we won’t be likely to have eight separate charging systems, thanks to a key High Court ruling that only the Australian Government can impose charges on the use and consumption of vehicles.

In this session, you’ll discuss—

  • the effect of the High Court ruling on electric vehicles and the best way forward
  • how the NTC is working with industry to build a new way of calculating road user and registration charges
  • the industry’s campaign for sensible reforms with a minimum of red tape for trucking businesses.