Gary Mahon

Queensland Trucking Association

Gary is the CEO of the QTA, an association that has been actively serving the industry since 1907. QTA is the pre-eminent industry association for road freight operators in Queensland and membership is well represented across all sectors of the industry and distributed across the state.

Gary has a reputation as a trusted navigator in the transport industry and combined with his open engagement style, makes him a strong advocate for facilitating innovative changes for the road freight industry in Queensland and Nationally. Spending a large part of his career in and around the Road Freight Industry including holding senior executive positions within the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and Emergency Services.

Gary has a proven reputation for positively influencing Heavy Vehicle Industry reform and has led reform of the Queensland Disaster Management Act, the Australian Road Laws, the introduction of (PBS) High Productivity Multi-Combination vehicles into Queensland from 1998 and the introduction of the 50km per hour speed limit in residential areas to name a few. The recent announcements of both State and Federal Governments to fund the Inland Freight Route is a key example of his advocacy.

Gary has extensive policy experience, holds an Executive Masters’ degree in Public Administration and is well known in road transport. Gary is a Trustee Director of the TWU Industry Superannuation Fund and was appointed to the NTC Heavy Vehicle National Law Review Expert Panel in early 2019. He is a strong and effective communicator and industry opinion leader.